Monday  Practice 3:00-5:00

Tuesday   Home Game vs  

   El Camino @5pm    

Wednesday   Practice 3:00-5:00

Thursday  Game @ CCA @5pm

 Bus leaves at 2:30

Below is the week practice and game schedule for the week 4/25/16.

Monday  Practice 5:00-7:00​
Tuesday   Home Game vs

   El Camino @3:30   

Wednesday    Practice 5:00-7:00
Thursday  Game @ CCA @
 @3:30      Bus leaves at 2:30

Congratulations to the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams on their victories today against El Camino!

Canyon Crest Academy

Torrey Pines High School

Junior Varsity


Boys Volleyball

Monday  Practice 5:00-7:00​
Home Game vs 

   El Camino @3:30   

Wednesday    Practice 5:00-7:00
Game @ CCA @ @3:30      Bus leaves at 2:30